2015. Thank you and fuck you.

So 2015 was NOT my year.

Like, really.

I originally wrote this about all the crappy things that had happened, but why would I want to share that negativity!

So let’s think of the things I am actually thankful for: I am so thankful for my family. My parents supported me so much during this time. Love from above! My real friends. Not many left, but the ones that stayed and accept me for who I am. The good times. Even the good times with the wrong people. The opportunities that I have in life. Finding out that I have bipolar disorder and that I now know that with time and treatment I will become a better me! The fact that things will change for the better. Having everything I need, like a home, food, education, clothing and a support system. Getting through the bad times. Not giving up.

This was the bad year. The last one. From now on I am going to finally start LIVING!

I am leaving this mess behind.

I am sooooo excited for my future!

2016. Let’s go!

🙂         🙂        🙂